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A lovely testament to the range and beauty of Washington’s gardens.

Our nation’s capital is filled with famous gardens, such as Dumbarton Oaks, and little-known gems, such as Meadowlark Gardens. There are also small community gardens and spectacular celebrations like the National Cherry Blossom Festival.


All of these gardens and parks are described and illustrated in Capital Splendor. Each of some 30 venues is addressed in detail, and essays include helpful information for making your visit as well as for identifying each garden’s special features.


Essays are accompanied by a series of photographs by renowned photographer Valerie Brown. 

Capital Splendor

Gardens and Parks of Washington DC

This is a wondrous and iconic photographic journey with the Royal family of Thailand and their beloved King Rama IX joined by President Reagan’s delegation to celebrate Thailand’s Rattanakosin Anniversary.


You will be invited to meditate along with the monks and be present in the pageantry, ‘hearing’ the rhythmic chants from the 2311 oarsmen on the 52 royal barges rowing in synchronicity with a sacred Thai Song written in 1767. In the end, you will join in the ceremonies of the Divine King Rama IX's final Royal Journey “sawannakhot” to heaven, leaving a legacy of love, respect, reverence and loyalty.

Browse the gallery to view a series of photographs by renowned photographer Valerie Brown. 

A Royal Journey

Among the Smiling Faces of Thailand

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